About StormChasingVideo.Com, LLC.

StormChasingVideo.Com, LLC is a highly specialized news agency documenting in late breaking weather footage.  Unlike our competition, our team consists of hand picked professionals that are highly trained and highly motivated and that many people consider some of the best severe weather videographer's (storm chasers) in the world.  

StormChasingVideo.Com, LLC started out with its roots as Breaking News Video Network, Inc., or BNVN that was formed in the winter of 2000 and incorporated in the spring of 2001 by Doug Kiesling of Lightningboy.com and Rory Groves of SwiftWX.com. As freelance severe storms photojournalist we were unhappy with the way the industry worked at the time with getting the latest breaking storm footage out to the television networks. 

The core objective of BNVN was to create a centralized network of freelance storm chaser’s and photojournalist to help each other bring their videos from the field to the national and international broadcaster's.  But the trick was to do this, all without ever having to transmit the footage over a satellite uplink.  This was years before the video sharing sites such as YouTube and I-Film. 

Prior to the year 2000, the way all freelance video was provided to the networks was via satellite uplinks or fiber links.  This meant that if you caught a major news event, you had to call the networks and convince them that you had something worth looking at.  Then you drive into a television station, book satellite time to upload the footage to New York or Atlanta where most of the U.S. television networks are based and once they see the footage, then you work out a price.  When you did feed your footage out over a satellite, in most cases, all of the TV station and other TV networks were watching out for breaking news satellite feeds and could record your footage without you ever knowing about it.

In the summer of 2001, BNVN worked out a way with The Weather Channel in which we were able compress our footage into broadcast quality video files.  Then we could upload those files into an internet server in their Atlanta headquarters.  The files were then immediately decoded and available for broadcast during severe weather outbreaks or scheduled video shoots for their morning show.  We had achieved our goal, satellite uplink quality B-Roll but without the satellite. 

It did not take long for the rest of the television news networks to take notice of BNVN and soon we were working with most of the major television networks to supply them with severe weather B-Roll footage.  We have added dozens of freelance videographer’s or “Stringers” around the United States since 2001 and BNVN has been the silent Electronic News Gathering (ENG) partner to the world’s major cable and satellite news channels. 

In 2003, BNVN launched our “Stock Video Service” or SVS to meet the demand of the many different stock video requests from various different long format TV producers and corporate production companies.    For year’s we have worked behind the scenes with many of the industries top production companies to supply them with footage for their productions.  Now in October of 2007, we are proud to unveil our new web site for the general public and professional clientele.

Over the years, BNVN has emerged as a leader in the severe weather ENG and stock footage industry.  Our strength comes from our dozens of professional freelance videographer's united as one company helping each other out.  Our freelance videographer's know that when they are in the middle of a breaking news event, they will have someone at BNVN to help them out so they can focus on the story at hand, not the business of selling video.

As of 1/1/2012, StormChasingVideo.com, LLC. has taken over the day to day operations of BNVN.