Footage Research Services

On, you can review our online resolution time-coded virtual stock video demo footage library for free. But sometimes you may need our help since we have thousand's of stock videos in the BNVN footage archive, which is always growing with new additions.  

With our stock footage research services, we will review your project needs and put together a time coded demo video for you to review.  We can ether upload a time coded DV-AVI, DV-MOV, or DV-HD demo for you to download or send you a data DVD-R with the files on it for you to import into your non linear editor. 

The time coded demo file and or DVD-R is only to provide you with the demo footage reel and does not cover any costs for the end footage license and or provide any license in any way shape or form for end use of publication and distribution.  In short, it is only for you to use to pick the shots for your project that will work for your project and to then obtain a footage license agreement from BNVN.

The charge for BNVN to review your project and compile a demo stock footage reel is $135.00 per hour with a three hour minimum and includes up to 30 minutes of time coded stock footage demo reels.  

Additional time for stock footage review is $100.00 per hour with additional each additional DVD or FTP Demo Reel.

Please feel free to contact us if you need additional information.