Ordering footage from BNVN.

We have put all of our footage on line with time coded for you to preview for you to make your selection for project.  

If you need to contact us, you can call us at area code (651) 238-0258 or email us at the email address listed in the image below. 


bnvn email address


When ordering footage, we need to have the "IN" and "OUT" times from the on screen time codes. 

Below is a screen grab of one of our online video catalogs. 


time coded video demo

In the lower right of every stock video catalog is the on-screen time code in the standard “00;00;00;00” Hours, Minutes, Seconds, and Frames format. 

In the screen capture example above, the on screen time code is 00;09;29;26 or zero hours, nine minutes, twenty nine seconds and twenty six frames.

The "IN" and "OUT" times for all video orders are the start and stop times of the on screen time coded material that you need.

For example if you need a video clip starting at nine minutes and twenty seconds and ending at nine minutes and forty one seconds, the on screen time code would look like this.

00;09;22;00 – 00;09;41;00 Note the frames columns are both listed at zero in this example 00;09;22;00 – 00;09;41;00

If you do not see the on-screen time code on a video on our website, it is most likely a blog or news video that is not in our stock video catalog.

If you need additional help with selecting and ordering footage, please feel free to contact us.