Ordering a hard copy time coded demo DVD or hard drive.

We have placed our entire stock video library on our website. The files are in flash video format with an on screen time code for you to preview for free.   

If you need a hard copy demo DVD, the prices for us to create and ship a hard copy demo video to you are listed below.  

The first video catalog burned to Standard Definition NTSC DVD is $100.00 

Each additional video file added to the the Standard Definition NTSC DVD is an additional $25.00 

If you would like to get the actual time coded video files to be able to import into your NLE system, we can ship you the time coded video files on a portable USB hard drive.  The cost to send you the files on a portable 500 GB USB hard drive starts at $200.00 for the first file and an additional $10.00 per file with a limit of the size of the actual hard drive. 

Please contact us if you require more then the 500 GB of data since this will require additional hard drives or larger drives.   

Overnight shipping is available upon request at an additional fee or we can use your overnight FED EX or UPS account.