Stock footage rate card

Effective January 1, 2017, our stock footage rates have changed. 

Please contact us for the current rate card information. 

Our stock footage rates depend on the style of footage such as Car Crashes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes and destruction which will always cost more then video of events like heavy rain, sunsets or tourist B-Roll video. The rarer the footage is will also increase the values of the footage.

The license fees also depend on the length of time for the usage of the material.

If you need Youtube - Internet Advertising, Local, National or Worldwide broadcast rights vs. using the footage for non-broadcast corporate, religious or Tradeshow project, the price will vary dramatically.

Non Broadcast Prices:

"Non Broadcast & Non Youtube" stock video license price's has been simplified to a rate starting out at $500.00 for the first Twenty (20) seconds of video and then $20.00 per second for each additional second.  We do have a fifteen second base requirement for all stock video sales and bulk rate discounts are available.

Broadcast Prices:

Please contact us for the latest broadcast prices.

Footage Research.  Please Note, we no longer provide any free custom stock footage research since all of our footage is on line on and on for you to research and review. 

The charge for BNVN to review your project and compile a demo stock footage reel is $135.00 per hour with a three hour minimum and includes up to 30 minutes of time coded stock footage demo reels or uploaded demo file to use in your project for the final EDL.

Copyright Violations:

Due to spending a lot of time on copyright violations of our footage, post usage license fee's to obtain a license after the copyright violation is now a "Thirty Second Minimum at $300.00 Per Second."   Each Additional Second of footage used after thirty seconds is now $150.00 per Second.  

This is for all copyright violation broadcast and or non broadcast.  It does not matter if you used our footage in a "YouTube" video or in a major motion picture. The post usage license is our one time offer we will make to you prior to taking legal action.  We will only give you one chance to obtain a license if you are caught using our footage without a license prior to being handed off to our legal department for collections and or legal action.