Marco Island, FL Slammed by Hurricane Irma - 9/10/2017

Footage of Hurricane Irma - Landfall in Collier County, FL
Shot Description

1). Parking garage shots.

2). Eyewall hits parking lot of resort.

3). Myself with shirt being nearly torn off.

4). Building looking up / tennis court area.

Hurricane Irma Landfall Devastates Lower Florida Keys 9/10/2017

Powerful Category 4 Hurricane Irma Landfall over Lower Florida Keys.

Lee County, FL Extreme Eyewall Winds in Hurricane Irma - 9/10/2017

The Eyewall of Hurricane Irma batters Lee County, FL right at sundown with extreme hurricane force winds, and storm surge.

Shot Description

South Naples, FL Hurricane Irma Eyewall & Damage 9/10/2017

During the eyewall of Hurricane Irma south Naples took a beating. For a while it what total whiteout conditions with side blowing and wind driven rain. Several business sustained damage. Also 2 mobile home parks sustained major damage.
Shot Description

Hurricane Irma Hitting Marco Island, FL - 9/10/2017

Intense footage of the Eyewall of hurricane Irma in Marco Island Shot Description 1). Tree falling 2). Shots of 130 gusts in front of beach club 3). Tennis area / debris 4). Inner eyewall in front parking area

Punta Gorda, FL Irma Intense Core Winds - 9/10/2017

The core of Hurricane Irma batters Punta Gorda and Charlotte Harbor, FL with hurricane force winds. Shot Description Shots 1-7 Intense hurricane force winds batter Punta Gorda creating near whiteout conditions.


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