Hurricane Irma Hits The Florida Keys - 9/9/2017

Hurricane Irma hitting Key West and Marathon. Multi-remote cameras catch four boats drifting out to sea in Irma and wind & storm surge hitting Key West and Marathon.
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Hurricane Irma Hits Key West, FL In The Overnight 9/9/2017

High winds snapping powerlines causing powerflashes all over Key West eventually causing widespread poweroutage. Large downed trees blocking roads, storm surge flooding roads, and damage from powerful Hurricane Irma.

LIVE - Hurricane Irma in the Florida Keys

LIVE video from Key West at  Duval and Front St as Hurricane Irma approaches.   Copyright 2017.  For licensing,  use contact page at

Key West, FL Storm Surge, Waves & High Winds - 9/9/2017

Huge swells crash over seawalls and wash onto roads as the beginnings of a massive storm surge rise in Key West FL with approach of Hurricane Irma. Shots pedestrians, high winds, some tree damage debris, and other various shots in Key West.

Hurricane Irma First Impacts On Nassau Bahamas - 9/8/2017

Video of the first impacts of Hurricane Irma and tropical storm force winds and large waves hitting the capital city of Nassau Bahamas
Shot Description

Clip 1 Waves crashing on the shoreline

Clip 2-3 Waves crashing over a dock

Fort Lauderdale, FL Airport Chaos Irma Preps Lake Worth FL - 9/8/2017

Tourists and residents scramble to fly out of Ft Lauderdale Airport, as Category 5 Hurricane Irma approaches. Interview with Lake Worth, FL resident about his Irma preparations. People lining up for gas in Lake Worth.
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Massive Real Time Aurora Australis Dunedin NZ - 9/9/2017

Aurora Australis fill the moonlit southern skies just outside of Dunedin, New Zealand around 2 am September 9th, 2017.
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Hollywood, FL Hurricane Irma Prep - 9/8/2017

The day before the storm. Beach and waves, some walking and enjoying the sun, others filling sandbags and prepping. Police directing traffic to speed up the flow of people leaving the city.
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